Agent Rush Casting

Top-notch talent scout is back on track, new mission new formula in the search for new faces. She will board her photo-mobile to pursue the hunt for that someone special, she will infiltrate your neighborhood, and weave her way amongst new talent in the local markets, the parties and the big events that bring in the supporting roles.

She doesn’t miss a trick, wastes no time. Casting director for TV and big screen for over 12 years, she has a flair for picking out the actors and the “street people”, who will enhance her books.

The Agent goes to work right at the heart of things, out there on the ground, targeting individuals with novel physique and character who will end up seducing the professionals of advertising and cinema.

Talent scout supreme in the hyper realistic context of your daily life, the Russian Agent will turn up where you least expect her. Unless of course, you were to come to meet her. Do not hesitate.

Spot the truck and try your luck!

Agent Rush